15 page resource pack

2 minute 'how to' video

Suitable for ages 7+ and designed for parents and children to work together


This activity pack is for young people who would like to learn stop motion along with their parents. Learn the basics of animation before delving a bit deeper into the theory behind it. Learn how to make things move realistically using 'squash and stretch' and make your puppets speak by learning lip syncing techniques 


The 15 page guide comes with a link to an exclusive 2 minute 'how to' video to give you even more guidance on how to animate. 


What you will need to animate with this pack:


- White card or paper Coloured pens or pencils Scissors
- Blue or white tac
- Smart phone, tablet or DSLR

- An animation app (we use Stop Motion Studio)


FREE to NHS and Supermarket staff - get in touch for download 

Introduction to Animation