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Arts Connect  & Windsor Academy Trust Animation  Project 2022

"The CPL [Teacher Training] on digital animation was a great success, we will continue to use these skills and the software/app to develop the use of technology in the arts and across the curriculum .

Sophie was a great leader and it was great having her in school. Sophie created a list of

resources/had a meeting online with us which made it clear about expectations for each day and

resources needed and therefore the communication to class teachers was easier and made it a


"The programme has enabled students to work with a professional artist and to visit a venue where the arts are celebrated. It was great to see the students at mac full of smiles all day and connecting with the art work and with each other. The pupils took so much pride in their work and were so excited to talk about it afterwards.


The children were able to use their student voice as well as share what they had created.

We now have two fully committed arts leaders in school who will be an inspiration to the next group of leaders who come up."

"The profile of arts is raised through sharing and celebrating our students' success and achievements, across the trust and wider community, including celebratory events, exhibitions, festivals, online platforms and social media."

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