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Our Team.

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Lucy is a film and animation facilitator with over 16 years experience working in a variety of film education settings. She studied film and media at Sheffield Hallam University  and has previously worked in the music industry, she also runs community market events on the weekends.


Sophie has taught animation and filmmaking to adults and young people in a wide range of organisations including BFI, Into Film, Arts Connect and A New Direction. She has a BA film and MA Animation degree and has 13 years experience teaching primary and secondary  aged children film and animation across a range of mainstream schools, alternative provisions and extra curricular settings




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Telling stories, one frame at a time. Animating Education is a dynamic filmmaking social enterprise committed to nurturing the creative aspirations of children and young people.

Our mission is simple: to empower the next generation of filmmakers through education, workshops, and hands-on experience. We believe that every child deserves to discover their voice, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Through our innovative programs and partnerships, we provide young filmmakers with access to professional equipment, expert guidance, and a platform to showcase their cinematic visions. From model making workshops to productions, we're here to ignite their passion and help them realize their dreams on the silver screen.

Our Mission.

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