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Animated Phoenix

“Having awesome resources like brand new clay, having that funding has enabled these children to do something properly rather than us just having to make do. Because of the restrictions of funding in schools nowadays it’s very difficult to do something as amazing and as ‘wow’ as this. The funding has been very powerful for these children.”

“I would like to just say thank you. I think these things are really nice for the kids, but especially the kids that we have. There are children that might not be so academic and this kind of thing gets their attention and enables them to….know for themselves that there’s something that might not be maths, it might not be English but they can still access learning in a different way. 100% it has been fantastic, so thank you.”

 “A new learning experience, what they can now say that they’ve learnt has been really good. Seeing the engagement in the tasks as well, quite a few of [the children] said to me this morning, “oh Miss I downloaded the app at home” so they’re really buzzing about it. To take that [Learning] home and talk to their parents or siblings about it and to want to do more at home, I think is fantastic ”

Teachers Feedback Film 

“I think to be doing it in the class, very well that they might do things like that at home…but to be doing it in school I think was the icing on the cake.”

The following statistics are taken from a test sample of one class of learners participating in the project. 

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